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by Froz aka Smokey Bryant

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released September 25, 2012

1. Just Do It (Lets Go) (Beat by Sharpnote Productions)
2. Super Ham (Beat by MixScape)
3. Hope 4 the Future (Beat by Hoodgrown Productions)
4. Beautiful Distraction (Beat by Vybe Beatz)
5. Water (Pure Fiya) (Beat by Element 91)
6. As Is.. (Beat by Producer T)
7. Hunger Games (Beat by Hoodgrown Productions)

8. Fireworks ft. Drake n Alicia Keyes (Remix)
9. Effortless (Speak in Tongues by Cam n Vado Remix)
10. REALLY HIGH (I Get High by Styles P Remix)
11. Go Hard (Banger in my Lap by Crooked I Remix)
12. She’s on Fire
13. Tonight ft. John Legend (Remix)
14. OPEN ft. Donnell Macklin (Beat by Johnny Juliano) (Recorded @ Mayn Studio)
15. Sound Bombin (Mixed by DJLS)




Froz aka Smokey Bryant Matamoras, Pennsylvania

Froz aka Smokey Bryant was born in NY on February 8th 1985. Froz started rapping at 11 years old. He has over 5,000 songs written, over 450 recorded, ghost writing credits and Graduated from I.A.R. in Manhattan for Audio Engineering, Studio Design, and Music Business with a 4.0 GPA. He owns (Pure Bead Studioz aka Da Kennel) where he is the Owner/Operator, Audio Engineer and Manager. ... more

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Track Name: Just Do It (Lets Go) (Beat by Sharpnote Productions)
“Just Do It (Lets Goooo)”
(Just Do It by Infamous the Button Pusher)
Let's Goooooo, Just Do It...
Let's Goooooo, Just Do It...
Let's Goooooo, Just Do It..
Do it Just to Do It.. F It.. JUST DO IT!!...
… Get Wavy.. I'm Blazin..
I'm Splashy.. It's Rainin!!..
Go Crazy, Everybody Do It,
Do it Just to Do It.. F It.. JUST DO IT!!...

Verse 16:
I Been Chillin on the Max.. Guess-I'm-Froz?,
Oh.. Wait.. Course I Am.. Let-it-Go..
I'm a Lil Wavy, Sorry Bout That Line...
Promise I'mma Make it Up to you.. Next Time!!!..
When the Best-Rhymes, Flyin Outta My,-Mouth..
But in the Mean Time.. I'm Just Tryna Wyle,-Out!!...
Get High for the Night, n Never Come Down..
I'm Tryna Be like This.. Until the Sun Down!!..
Wait, It's Not Even Up, I'm F'd,-Up...
Right Now I Couldn't Fall Down or Get,-Up!!...
Which Means.. Where the Hell-am-I?..
Only Thing I Know is that I'm Really Hella-High!!...
… Kuz I'm Burnt,-in-the-Sky..
Plus I See Birds,-wit-My-Eyes When I Turn,-to-the-Side!!..
So I Learned,-I-Can-Fly... WOW!!
Do It Just to Do It, Lets Goooo Right Now!!

Verse 2:
I'm a Little Twizzled.. Plus a Lotta What?...
I Forgot, kuz I'm Frizzled like a MotherF*** !!..
What the F*** ?... Was I Even Talkin-Bout..
Ahh... Who Cares.. Just Walk-it-Out..
Or Do Suttin Like That.. kuz the Beat-is-Crack..
I Think My High Comin Down.. Where the Weed-is-At?...
Never Mind I Got a Pound-a-My-Own,
That Wasn't Grown, in the Ground, Where the Flowers-a-Home!! NAH!...
Hydro,ponic Chronic, I Got It-
The Most Powerful-Clones, so the Sour-is-Known!! YEAH!!
… Stay, Outta-my-Zone.. I Aint Tryna-Crash..
I'm Tryna Take, This Bong.. n Go n Fire-Hash!!...
Till I'm Higher than a Astronaut..
Plus I'm Drunk as a Skunk, wit a Glass-n-Shots!!,
What?... That Means I Aint Stop,pin Yet..
I'mma Do It Just to Do It, kuz I Got,ta-Rep!! YEAH!!
Track Name: Super Ham (Beat by MixScape)
“Super Ham” (Hardcore by Mixscape)
Verse 1 8 bars:
From the Club Scene.. Up in N.Y.!!
Up a Littler Higher.. Party In,-Sky!!..
Kuz I Been,-Fly.. Now I Got-a-Jet..
So I Gotta-Jet, Quick,-Fast, Nada-Rest-
Kuz It's All About the Big,-Stash from a Lotta-Checks!..
I'm Just Listin sh** ya Hate, Just Does Not-Affect!!
So I Grind it Up.. Like a Coffee-Bean,
For Doin Dirt All the Time, I Be Awfully-Clean!!..
I'm Goin Super Haamm.. We Goin Super Haamm-
Pure Love Management, Pure Bread, Super Haamm!!!!..
Super Duper Haamm, This is How to Do it Maann..
Hands, in the Air, if you got the Joose in Haannd!!..
Or ya Shakin kuz I'm Cakin n ya Booty-Caann!!-
Lit, on a L Like a Light on a Bedroom-Staannd!!..
Got Retarded Flow.. Makin Stupid-Jaamms..
This is Super Ham, Super Duper, Super, Haamm!!
Verse 2 16 bars:
This is So-J... Smoke a Whole,-J...
This is Smo,kay, All Work, No Play!!
But I'm Takin a Break.. Sippin Ro,say..
Or it's Grey Goose... Mixed with O,J!!..
Smokin Fire-Graass.. Till I'm High-as-Haash..
Yeeaah, Man... I Be Movin Kinda-Faast,
You Need a Telescope n a Mag,nifiying-Glaass..
Plus Binoculars.. Just to See-Me-Flyin-Paast!!,
n That's my Ass End... Catch Up to the Front..
You Aint Rollin 8ths.?.. Step Up on ya Blunts!!..
Get it Super Ham.. I'm Just Say,in..
I Chill When I Layin Up in Chili, I'm Chilay,en!!..
.. AAHH!!, You All Know How it's Goin-Down-
Every Time Pure Love Management is Throwin Down!!..
Super Haamm, Like a Pig, wit a Cape On Em..
Super Haamm, so the Pigs, Gonna Hate On Em!!
Verse 3 (extend beat 4 bars) (Slower, Faster):
Always Get Dough Movin Snow.. Shovel..
So, You Should Know, I'mma Blow.. Bubble..
Addin Different Pieces to the Flow.. Puzzle..
Catchin All the sh** you can Throw.. Juggle!!
Pure Bread a Entertainment BRAND.. Russel..
Y'all just some Clowns from the Circus.. Chuckle!!
Rappin Circles Round All the Fakes.. Hustle...
Kinda like a Belt on ya Waist.. Buckle!!..
Spit,-A,brasive, sh** ,-in,-Asics, kuz I Run This, Fin,ish,-Races!!
Froz a Hu$tla, b*** -it’s-Basic, Pure Bread Eat, get Chips,-n-Great-Dip!
Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Rhyme Flu, Word Flu, Punchlines wit the Sick,est,-Phrases!!
Did,-This,-Wasted, My Flow Wins.. Ne,ver Tie, like Twisted-Laces!!
Track Name: Hope 4 the Future (Beat by Hoodgrown Productions)
"Hope 4 the Future"

I breathe for you now
?yea you see?to the dark infested?
hope of my kind?
look inside past the guarded walls of hope

Verse 1:
I Got a lot a Hope to be one of the Best that Did It-
Crossin Over, Any Genre, Anything that's Best for Business!!..
Before you Judge Me Though, Sayin that I Sold-my-Soul-
Froz has always been a Hustla so you know that Golds-the-Goal!!..
Not a Thing-has-Changed, I'm just Tryna Bring-the-Rain-
Wash Away the Old, n Bring-in-Change for the Stinkin-Game!!..
Kuz it's Old-n-Rotten.. Rap is So-Forgotten..
From Raw Hip Hop, to that ish that Got Soulja-Poppin!!..
From Straight Raw to Straight Cut, now I'm So-Detoxin-
With,drawin from the Head, Noddin, so the Flow-Suboxone!!..
Or it's Methadone, You might Need Rosetta-Stone-
Just to Trans,late my Street Speech to Forever-Poems!!..
So I Can Write a Book, All about my Future-Hopes-
n You Can Re,alize my Metaphors Here was Usin-Dope!!...
... Not, To-Promote.. but it's In,fluential..
Pure Love for the Music, so I'm Quin,tessential!!


Verse 2:
All I Know is That, I am So A,heeaadd-
While Yall Wakin Up, I am, Goin to, Beeedd!!...
... Psyche.. I Do this All Day n Night-
Never Rest so My Sight, Sens,i,tive to the Light!!...
... N I'm Bright, so I Can't Close-my-Eyes-
Fightin Sleep, or it Blinds, Yet I Flow, So-Alive-Froz-a-Try-
kuz I Can.. n my Will is Im,measurable-
So my Hopes Come to Fru,ition.. In,edible!!...
What's Left is I Write Legible-Bars-
That, Shine, like, Filaments wit Electrical-Charge!! UH!!..
Kuz I'm Tryna Shed Some Light, on the Sub,ject...
Without Hope, you Livin Life, like.. What's-Next?...
Always Thinkin Grass is Greener Every,where Else-
Don't Take Care the Lawn, n it is, I'm Just Tryna Help!!..
So Take them Old, Tools, Outta that Wood,sheed-
Kuz Makin Moves for ya Self, Starts wit a Foot,steep!!
Track Name: Beautiful Distraction (Beat by Vybe Beatz)
“Beautiful Distraction”
(Beautiful Distraction by Vybe Beatz)

Intro: Froz.. you a Beautiful Distraction to my Every Day in this Krazy Life.. n I Thank God he Created Someone as Beautiful as You!

Hook 2x:
In This Krazy World We Live In, You're a Beautiful Distractiioon..
In This Krazy World We Live In, You're a Beautiful Distractiioon..
Just, One Look, n You Got Me Hooked,
I Can't Do the Work I Neeed To, Kuuuuz.. (You're a Beautiful Distractiioon..)
You're a Beautiful Distractiiooooooon... (You're a Beautiful Distractiioon..)

Verse 8 Bars:
Soon as you Walked in my Mind Flaas,hin..
Itty Bitty Pics, then it Switched to a Baack,Spin!!
Kuz I Can't Pay Attention to my Raap,pin..
Writin.. Mixin.. Mastrin, you Distraactin!!..
No Work Gettin Done When you Paas,sin,
Mostly kuz the Scene a ya Jeans that ya Aass,-In!!..
Gotta Hate It, but I'm Also Kinda Braag,gin,
Lights, Camera, Aaction, Videos in the Aa,ston!!

Verse 2:
I Swear, When I'm Grindin My Hard,est..
All I Ever Think About is You, in my Heart-Its,
Kra,zy, the Way that you Make Me, Lose,-Focus,
I Gotta Readjust my Attention, n You,-Notice!!..
You,-Know-This.. I Am Attracted-to-You..
The Way ya Hips Move.. I Am Distracted-for-You!!..
I Can't Think, I Can't Work, I Can't Write, I Can't Rap,
If I Aint Doin None of That, I Can't Stack!! (Oh Well!!)

Verse 3:
I'm a Beast wit the Work, Motivation's-Witness,
N You're the Beauty that I Wanna Have to Raise-my-Kids-Wit!!
Kuz I Know on the Days that I'm Feelin Down,
You'd Pick Me Up, just bkuz I Got, You Around!!..
One Glimpse, at ya Smile Everything is Changed,
There's No More Clouds.. No More Rain!!
You're the Reason that I'm Glowin Bright Day n Night,
So Dis,tracted by You, I Can't Do, Me Aight!! (WOW!!)

Hook: Outtro:
Track Name: Water (Pure Fiya) (Beat by Element 91)
“Water (Pure Fiya)”
(Pure Fiya by Element 91)
Verse 1 16:
I'mma Get ya Open like I Did in Two,-Thousand...
… F' Climbin, All I Do is Move,-Mountains!!,
I Aint Talkin Inches Either.. But Who's,-Countin??..
I'm Just Tryna Spring a Fresh Flow like New,-Fountains!!..
Kuz all a yall Sound the Same n ya Need-to-Change...
Fire Flows to the Way you Wear ya Freezin-Chains!!...
..Add the Whips-n-Criibs.. Aint No Different-Shiit..
So I Call this Water.. Just to Switch-it-Quiick!!..
Just a Little-Bit.. Never Too Extreme..
Less I'm Talkin Bout the Green like a Forest-Scene!!..
Hot as Porridge-Steam.. Poppa-Bears-Bowl..
But if you Wanna Succeed you Gotta-Bare-Soul!!..
So There's More to This Joint then Just a Hot-Beat-
This About a Lil Snotty Nose Kid that Got-Reach..
For the Stars.. Won't Settle for Any-Less...
I'm Just Tryna Get Checks for my Every-Breath!!

I'mma Call this Waa,teerr, Even Though I'm Fro,zeen,
Bottles in a Glaciieerr, Wavy like the O,ceeaan!!
All My DJ's Hus,tllee, Tru to How I'm Flo,wiinn,
I'm Just Gettin Hot,teerr, the Shine aint Even Glo,wiinn!!
I'mma Call this Waa,teerr, I'mma Call this Waa,teerr,
Even Though it's Fii,yaa, I'mma Call it Waa,teerr,
Wa,ter, Wa,ter, Waa,teerr, Sippin Devil Waa,teerr,
Makin Hell Ice O,veerr, Then Turn it to Waa,teerr!!

Verse 2:
I Believe in Shootin-Stars, She Believe in Shoes-n-Cars...~
So I Got a Huge-Ga,rage, n I Do-it-Large!!..
But it's More For Me.. Then it Is-For-Her..
I'm Just Tryna Stroke er' Cat till it Finna-Purr!!..
Plus I Give-her-Furs.. n Filet-Mignon..
Fine Wines All the Time till the Day-is-Gone!!...~
Real, Wood, Floors, Offshore Apartment-
Go, More, So, Sure, Buy Store Departments!!!!..
Wall to Wall, Cou,ture kuz she Jui,cy!!..
All the Mall, From the Louis to the Guc,ci..
Audemars so the Time Never Lose, Me,
Even When I'm Woo,zy, Smoother then a Smooth,ie!!...~
FrozenHeat like a Freez,in-Lighter,
Smokin Pecks a the Best, No, Pe,ter-Piper,
Ten n a Half Pounds I'm the Weed,-Igniter,
Got Swank, No Hillary.. Free,dom-Writer!!

“Water (Pure Fiya)” (cont..)
(Pure Fiya by Element 91)

I'mma Call this Waa,teerr, Even Though I'm Fro,zeen,
Bottles in a Glaciieerr, Wavy like the O,ceeaan!!
All My DJ's Hus,tllee, Tru to How I'm Flo,wiinn,
I'm Just Gettin Hot,teerr, the Shine aint Even Glo,wiinn!!
I'mma Call this Waa,teerr, I'mma Call this Waa,teerr,
Even Though it's Fii,yaa, I'mma Call it Waa,teerr,
Wa,ter, Wa,ter, Waa,teerr, Sippin Devil Waa,teerr,
Makin Hell Ice O,veerr, Then Turn it to Waa,teerr!!

Verse 3:
Lemme Show ya Why you Don't, Wanna Diss-This..
Pay Attention, kuz you Don't, Wanna Miss-This..
Hit-Quick, Switch-Fists, on some Slick- sh** ..
Throw a Punch Towards ya Mom.. DISS-MRRSS..!!
If you aint Get it Yet, This Does Not Apply-to-You..
Kuz ya Dumb, I'm Just Tryin to Inspire-You!!..
Get ya Higher-Too.. Piff,-in-the-Flesh...
Twist,in-the-Best, R,R, Rip,pin-the-Rest!!..
A.I. in Nine Seven, How I Break-a-Mic-
Crossin Over, All, Star, Game kuz I Played-it-Right!!..
So I Made-it-Life.. Writin Day-n-Night..
Till My Lines like Some Hair that get Faded-Tight!!..
You Aint Really Bout ya Biz You Should Take-a-Hike!!..
Kuz While you Wait Around, you Gone See n Hate-the-Hype!!..
I Be Runnin Through Trees like a Racin-Hike-
Always Spin, What I Spoke, Wheels on a Racin-Bike!!!
Track Name: As Is.. (Beat by Producer T)
“As Is”
(40's in my Trunk by Producer T)
Hook Autotune / Sean Kingston Feel:
Grindin All the Time, Pure Bread is My Cree,eeww (Crew)
Do it Round the Clock, Get Money, I Doo,oo (Do)
Spittin, n Flippin, I’m a Hustla Times Twwoo,oo, (Two)
I’mma Do It Like, Nobody Else Doo,oo (Do),
Kuz I Am As Iiisss, I Am As Iiisss,
I Will Never Change, This is Froz, As Iiisss,
Hustla, As Iiisss, Pure Bread, As Iiisss,
I’mma Show you How to Get Money, As Iiisss!!
Verse 1 (Faster):
Yeah, I Get Money like All-Day, Al,ways,
It Don’t Matter What It Is, I’mma Get It All,-Ways,
Any Way, Many Ways, I’mma Get It Every-Way,
I’mma Get It, Twenty Four Seven, Yeah, Every-Day!!
As Is, Flow Water, Ride Waves, Jason-Mraz,
My Speech, Too Deep, yall Barely Takin-Baths,
Make-a-Splash, As Is, Rap Gettin Raped-for-Cash,
I’mma Shatter What you Call the Norm, like Breakin-Glass,
Kuz I got my Paw in the Raw, n my Face-in-Mask,
N I got the Spot wit the Rock, you can Take-a-Blast,
Matter Fact, That’s a Rap, As Is, Blazin-Fast,
As If, Jeff Gordon-On-Ya, kuz I’m Racin-Past,
F It, I aint Savin-Gas, G-5, Soarin-On-Ya,
Jump Over ya Hatin-Ass, I’mma Air Jordan-On-Ya,
Four Five, to ya Chest, As Is, I’m-the-Best,
Lyrics so F*** in Hard, Shawty’s Whole Vagina-Wet!!

Verse 2 Faster (Normal Flow):
Doin-It, Intuitive, The Loosest-In the Music-Biz,
Not New-to-This I’m True-to-This, Like Liquor wit the Proof-a-This,
A Lunatic for Movin- sh** , Spot Up Never Shoot-to-Miss,
Always Makin Moves-for-Chips, Ludicrous,ly Lucrative;
Goin All Out, like Viewin-Tits on Nudist-Chicks,
As Is, You-Would-Trip, Tryna Wear the Shoes-I-Fit,
Kuz the Way I Run-the-Game, Always bout the Funds-to-Gain,
As If, I’m on a Diet, kuz the Pounds, I Lose-Em-Quick,
Put Spine, in my Grind; Cash I Always Make-Back,
Rock Heads, wit the Lead; I’mma Leave ya Face-Cracked,
Like How you Open-Nuts, Flow like an Open-Cut,
I’m the Can a Worms, that you Never Shoulda Opened-Up,
Smokin-Tough, Eat it All, While you Starve, Throw-It-Up,
To Raw, Dope-is-Cut, As Is, Dope-as-F*** ,
Rap Wouldn’t Let me In, so I Kicked the Door Up In,
As Is, Off the Hinge, Open Wide, Can’t Close-it-Shut!!
Track Name: Hunger Games (Beat by Hoodgrown Productions)
“The Hunger Game (Safe & Sound)” (Beat by Cartel)
Verse 1:
I Sit n Wonder-Ma'n, When it's Gonna End Up like the Hunger-Games-
Kuz I Swear, Kids Leave School wit Dumber-Brains!!..
They aint Teachin Much, Movin on From Grade-to-Grade..
They Was Passed Without Learnin, So.. They-was-Played!!..
Students Don't Know, The School System Doesn't-Give-Chance,
They Just Do What the Government Says for Government-Grants!!
So the Syllabus is Only What they Want-ya-To-Know..
They Just Want ya to Become the Average Competent-Joe..
Never Question the Norm, Keep on Pursuin-Money..
While they Buyin Back the Gold... Is You-a-Dummy?..
That's kuz Money Losin Value at a Rapid-Pace-
So They Waste, Create n Inflate Till we in the Baddest-Shape..
Then, Outta No, Where, they Gone Fix,- sh** ..
Kuz they Got, all the Rich,es, Nit,-Wits..
Plus they Did,-This.. Course they Knew What's Happ,e,nin..
You Think they Mis,managed Trillions, on Acc,i,dent?...
Verse 2:
Lemme Explain, Why the Hunger Games aint Just-a-Book..
Just-a-Look n you Can See, who's the F*** in-Crooks..
They Tellin All Different Lies to Divert-ya-Eyes..
A,way from the Truth, kuz they Know They Hurtin-Lives!!..
So They Tell ya Crazy sh** like Global Warmin's-Real..
So While we Worry they Passin Laws, n Forcin-Deals!!..
Then they Bring Up Gays, Re,ligion, n Other-Ways,
Anything, they can Say to Make us Look the Other-Way!..
They Just Want us all to Keep Thinkin Diff,er,ent..
Doesn't Matter bout What, So, Long, we Bick,e,rin!!..
It's all Illusion... Long as they can Cause Mass Confusion-
We Will Never Re,a,lize What We're Losin!!..
Not Naturally, but Actually, Internationally,
They're Gone be Disaster n Everybody's the Casualties!!..
Kuz the Few wit the Power Rule the Mas,ses..
How, Long For We Rise Up n We Smash-This?...
Verse 3:
This is Life, as we Know It in this Day-n-Age,
For Those Black as Pepper n for Those White as Mayonnaise..
It Don't Matter the Color, We All Brothers,
Sisters, Fathers n Mothers, n Of Course, Big Brother..
Watchin What we Do.. on a Day-to-Daay-
Between Drug Use n Sex Aids Won't Fade-Away..
But That's What they Want.. to Keep-ya-Upset..
Loans, Credit Cards n Mortgages to Keep-ya-in-Debt!!,
Kuz if ya Deep-in-Duress, n ya Freakin-From-Stress,
Then ya Ain't Pay Attention to the Beast-in-the-Flesh,-YES!..
It's all Smoke-n-Mirrors, Aint Nobody Spoke-it-Clearer-
In the End it's All About the Ends like the Dopest-Dealer!!..
If You Don't Get it Yet?.. They Already Blinded-You,
I'm Just Tryna Open Up a Eye-or-Two Inside-a-You!!
So You Can See Yourself For Everything That We've-Become,
We Are Not the Same n Hunger Games mean that Freedom's-Done!!